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October 25, 2011

Indiana Trip 2011

The Hubby and I had a couple of back to back busy weekends. From CA, to NJ, then to Indiana ... we have finally finished our little stint of weekend trips to enjoy our weekend with our pups.

Indiana is like home to us. We met in Indiana and have some really really great friends there. While we don't have family there, the friends we do have there are like family - so going to visit is always a great time for us. This particular time, we had a very good reason to visit. Aside from the fact that we are season ticket holders for the Colts (sigh), this year, our visit was for a very good and happy reason. The Hubby took the Indiana Bar in July and PASSED! (YAY!).

We always thought of Indiana as a potential option for where we may settle down, but it was always just an idea until now... With the Hubby passing the bar, Indiana is now an actual option.

So we went to Indiana for the Hubby's swearing in ceremony :) here are a couple pics from that ceremony...

In Indiana, they herd you in and have you announce your name into a mic to present yourself before the Indiana Supreme Court and other highly esteemed is the hubby in line.
Doesn't he look so handsome?
And here we are standing in front of the area where the judges were seated :)

That night we enjoyed dinner with two of our favorite couples we love... unfortunately, i don't have a group picture or picture with both couples, but fortunately, i have a picture with one of them... here we are... with their beautiful daughter.

The next day we drove around after a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Below is a picture of me in the Cracker Barrel store (I love this place)

Our drive took us all over the neighborhood, where we saw this great house... the owner apparently owns a big Gun store in Indiana, so it seems appropriate that this is placed in front of his house!

Later that night, our wonderful hosts (and amazing friends) had a cook out. My pal knows how much I love her Chili - so she made THREE different kinds!

Here's a pic of my pal's fur-baby Marley, giving kisses to our friend's daughter...

And the following morning we woke up to a scrumptious meal of home made biscuits & Gravy, Blueberry Belgian Waffles, Eggs, home fries and bacon.... talk about a feast!

It was only later that day, or last day there I realized I didn't get a picture with my fabulous friend and wonderful host... but since Sunday was our lazy day, she refused to take a photo with me... this was all I got.

Also an unexpected surprise was a visit from one of my first friends when I got to Indiana... who now lives in Milwaukee... It was last minute but so wonderful to see her beautiful face and her gorgeous family....

The rest of the day was lounging about, which was well needed... and of course I can't end it without some fabulously cute pics of Marley, my friend's fur baby...

He was enjoying this lounging time as much as we were... if you can't tell.

All in all, a fabulous trip to visit friends!!! We couldn't be more grateful or happy to have had sucha  wonderful visit!

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  1. Congrats on his passing the bar, and glad to see you had an awesome trip!


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