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November 03, 2011

27 Week Glucose Test

On November 1, I had our 27 week and 1 day appointment with the midwives. It was also the day I was to do my glucose testing. I have never done one before and was expecting the worst. 

I followed instructions that morning, ate a protein filled snack prior - 2 boiled eggs. I then went in, and immediately consumed the Glucose Test drink. I was a little scared b/c who knew what it would taste like and the receptionist said "drink this all in 5 minutes" so I thought "oh man this is probably gonna be nasty!" but it WAS NOT!  In fact, it was delicious! LOL. It was a chilled Orange syrupy flavor - almost like orange soda concentrate no carbonation.
So you have to wait one hour before the blood draw, during which time, I had my midwife appointment. I asked many questions so our regular 30 minute appointment lasted about 40 minutes. 
  • What was that weird bump i saw when i half laid up down my belly (Click Here to see post)? Your abdomen muscles spread out while you are pregnant, so when you half lean up, its your internal organs protruding out - something you don't normally see b/c your ab muscles usually cover that area.
  • When do i take extra measures if our Baby stays breech? Probably around week 30-33. Until then, don't worry - but you can do exercises at home (i was doing forward inversions, breech tilt and pelvic rocks - as instructed on Spinning Babies
  • What position is our baby in? Is S/He still breech? It seems FryBean has MOVED out of Breech position!!! YAY. (And it was what i was hoping for since I was feeling movement along the sides and belly button areas of my belly and no longer just kicks below by the pubic bone!)
  • Weird side pains when I get on the treadmill? Braxton hicks? Could be Braxton hicks but usually those are on both sides - however, if you have pain, it could just be your body saying slow down. Perhaps try a different exercise.
  • What happens if my water breaks but labor doesn't start right away? Every facility does it different (read the Washington Post article on it) but we'd like to see you in active labor within 24 hrs. The advice we give may vary depending on the time of day, if its at night - go back to bed, if its during the day, maybe try to help labor along with castor oil, or other methods of stimulation - sex, nipple stimulation, etc. Keep all vaginal exams to a minimum if you can't exclude them completely. (this is advice of course only if there are no other concerns, infections, bacteria that is already known to be an issue in the pregnancy). 
So this was a few of the things that I learned at this appointment. (please don't take any of this as medical advice)

We measured the fundal height of my tummy - 27 cm which coincides with 27 weeks (and 1 day) pregnant (with each week, it should grow 1 cm) so I was right on target! :) The baby's position seemed to have moved to an oblique position which is encouraging. Everything else was right on target.

The appointment was done, I waited 15 more minutes and then had my blood drawn. I'm waiting for my results but until then, I won't lie - cookies and candy have been my friend. Let's hope they can continue to be friends throughout the rest of the pregnancy!!!


  1. I didn't think the glucose drink tasted that bad either, though I did feel a bit nauseous afterwards just from drinking it so fast. I was able to drink it at home and by the time I got to the drs. office it was time to draw my blood.

    I learned in childbirth class they don't really want you going more than 24 hours after your water breaks for risk of infection to the baby but I think each doc is different.

  2. Glad you got answers to so many of your questions. I am learning so much about pregnancy from reading your blog!


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