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November 01, 2011

2nd trimester highlights

I started to show on: I looked bloated for the first trimester, but wasn't obviously pregnant until about month 6. I think I really popped in Week 22-23!
My strangest pregnancy symptom: no real weird symptoms. My sense of smell is very heightened.
Foods I can't get enough of: Watermelon and Jelly Bellys
My weirdest pregnancy dream: All my teeth/molars fell out but I couldn't get my teeth fixed b/c I was pregnant, so i was trying to figure out what to do.
First felt baby's movement on: August 3, 2011. I was lying in bed in the morning and felt this fluttering pop pop pop pop. I looked at my Husband and said "I think i just felt the baby!!!!"  Then I didn't feel much for weeks after.
Baby movement felt like: popcorn popping.
Baby is most active: after meals and in the mid-afternoon
My Belly Button popped on: hasn't really "popped" but more like flattened out. But i did have this weird experience (Click Here) of seeing something when i was half-lying down.  
Total Weight Gain/Loss: about 16 lbs (give or take)
Gender: Unknown
We decided not to finder out the baby's gender yet because: while we are dying to know, I am excited to just wait. We are in a small space, so we won't be decorating a nursery or anything - so i feel very little to "prepare". Also, if we have #2 - we most likely will find out, so i figured why not try it different this time around.
What I miss most food wise: Hollandaise sauce, over easy eggs and Guinness
What I love about being pregnant: EVERYTHING! I absolutely love it. Even the hard parts, but i'm cherishing every second.
Hardest thing to get used to about being pregnant: My growing circumference. I burnt myself on our ironing board a few weeks back b/c i didn't realize how much my belly has grown.
Smells that make me sick: cigarette smoke or someone who has just smoked. BARF
Best pregnancy advice i've gotten so far: Enjoy every second with your first pregnancy because you may get pregnant again, but your quiet moments are no longer once you have one kid. Your first pregnancy is something you can thoroughly enjoy without any other priorities!
Highlights of the 2nd trimester include: CA Baby shower and DC Baby Shower. The 20 wk Big ultrasound was very fun as well. Other highlights include feeling the daily movement as well as being accepted into the BirthCare Birth Center!

Here's a photo of our beginning until last week...
If you want to see a play by play, click after the jump but be warned, these are BARE BELLY photos... next trimester will be fully clothed, since i've begun to take both photos weekly!

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