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November 28, 2011

Baby Watch: Week 32

So with Thanksgiving week behind us, I feel very accomplished. I kept my blood sugar in check with the help of my wonderful husband. He made me several of my favorite dishes including a Ham loaf (diced ham and ground pork), with a pineapple cracker casserole, green bean casserole, home made cranberry sauce and a sugar free pumpkin pie. It was all fabulous and I gorged on it all weekend AND kept my blood sugar in check. I was worried about feeling deprived or sad that i wasn't eating stuffing or tons of mashed potatoes like i normally like to do - but to be honest, I felt great :)

And to top it off, I've lost weight!!!! I'm only happy about this because I came "pre-padded" to the pregnancy, so knew that I may want to keep my weight gain below 20 lbs. As of today, I'm only up about 15.5 lbs which gives me wiggle room towards the end of the pregnancy :)

And while I caught the sniffles this weekend, the time off was great and we had a great time with our neices in NJ. A lot of Votes for boys this weekend too :)

So here's our baby watch this week... our baby weighs... about the weight of four naval oranges.
Source: Baby Center

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  1. Way to go for keeping your blood sugar in check! You're doing great, girl. :)


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