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November 23, 2011

Christmas 2011 Decor

So, a little late this year, but according to the Husband - we're still early - but we finally put up our Christmas Tree Last weekend! Since we live in small quarters, our tree is environmentally friendly (Plastic) 4 ft tree pre-stringed with lights. And we have only 5 ornaments! So it didn't take us long, but here are some photos from our Tree Trimming! :)

Our completed Tree!!!

And here are our ornaments. Each one is from my MIL except for the last one. But can you tell me which one is kinda odd (not necessarily out of place)? One is just a little odd... let's see if you can guess it!
2008 Engagement Ornament

2009 Christmas

Wedding Ornament 2010

Honeymoon ornament

White House ornament from my neighbor!
YAY~ I'm feeling more festive just having the tree up...

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