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November 08, 2011

Close Call

So I think I passed my glucose tolerance test...

Think? you ask... well yes, in my mind - the worst case scenario was playing out in my head. With gestational diabetes that can't be managed with just diet and exercise, I would risk out of BirthCare due to this condition. If i did get diagnosed, but could maintain it with diet and exercise, I could stay in. In my mind, the worst case scenario was playing out... set myself up for disappointment, while hoping for the best.

Well it seems I have borderline passed, BUT...
Here is the chart below as to what my numbers were and what the numbers should be.
Fasting7595 mg/dl or higher
One hour220180 mg/dl or higher
Two hours160155 mg/dl or higher (Birthcare uses 165 as the cutoff)
Three hours87140 mg/dl or higher
Source: Baby Center

So the confusion is that while I BOMBED my 1 hr test, I failed/passed my 2 hr test depending on who you talk to. According to Birthcare, they use the score of 165 and i scored 160 - so technically i only failed one of the tests. So I Passed. But we are waiting to hear back from the Dr. about whether i should take nutritional classes and continue to monitor myself - which I am thinking I probably want to do anyways b/c My 1hr test score was SOOOO high!

My Hac1 came back 5.5 which i was told was low and good. So overall, It's my body's immediate reaction to sugar...

This scare was probably good as I was letting my laziness and urges take over. So with the Husband's help, we are back to a normal diet - less sugar/candy and more exercise. It's great b/c we are trying to take more family walks with the pups.

Phew, I won't lie... i was pretty stressed about this, but i'm so thankful and glad that it worked out. But i need to make sure i stay motivated, active and in control of my diet!

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  1. I'm glad you passed and think it's great that you're going to take healthy steps to make sure things stay the way they should. I hope you can relax a little bit now!


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