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November 02, 2011

Is it Engagement Season Already?

In the last month, I've had some close friends pop the question to their lovely ladies... And i realized, Wedding season is coming to a close and that means Engagement season is upon us...

Wondering if anybody has some great ideas for proposal ideas out there they want to share? Or their own engagement story they want to share?

Engagement stories always makes me happy and will help put a smile on this mid-week chilly Day in DC !!!


  1. aww i love engagement season. it's so romantic. we actually got engaged during summertime (and are getting married soon-you know this lol) so we kinda did it backwards since weddings are mainly in spring and engagements in fall/winter lol. oh well!

  2. I love e-season and am keeping my fingers crossed that my sister-in-law gets engaged very soon!

  3. And telling my engagement story is a great way to put a smile on my face on a chilly Seattle day!

    My fiance, Brad, and I have known one another since high school (good lord, has it really been 8 1/2 years since graduation?) and been good friends since we started exchanging long letters while I was abroad in 2006. He asked me out over Christmas 2009, we had our first date Valentine's Day 2010 (which involved a ferry ride and capped off with him singing Frank Sinatra's "You Make Me Feel So Young") and we started talking about marriage in May.

    In August, my good friend Alissa (now MOH) invited me to tea the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Brad's sisters invited him to go hiking that day. I don't think I am capable of describing, briefly, exactly how cunning and devious these ladies were in their dealings. I had no idea that a conspiracy was underway.

    September 3, Alissa picked me and we headed off to Port Gamble for tea. The trip from Port Gamble to home required a ferry ride and the whole drive to the ferry Alissa was acting a bit, shall we say, unusual, but not quite outside the standard deviation of her normal level of unusualness.

    We drove onto the ferry and Alissa stalled our going above by phoning home, claiming that her grandmother was sending her all kinds of strange texts. This being a rather short ferry ride, I almost suggested that we skip going up, but it was a beautiful day and I was pretty sure we would be treated to a view not to be missed.

    I was more right than I could have known!

    We got up to the sun deck and settle on a bench, enjoying the beautiful view of Mt. Rainier and the shining Puget Sound and I was telling Alissa about how my grandmothers were pushing for news about Brad and me and whether a wedding was forthcoming - and I just didn't know what he was doing or how much longer it would be before he proposed and I was trying to be patient but it was so difficult - when music started up behind me and I heard someone begin to sing "You Make Me Feel So Young."

    I turned and spotted the guy - who I didn't know - and turned back to Alissa to say, "How funny! If he had a girl near him, I would think he was proposing!" I still did not have a clue.

    When I turned back, the single guy had been joined by a partner and they began swing dancing and, as I watched, about 7 other couples joined in the singing and dancing.

    My response? "How great - it's a flash mob!"

    And then I recognized one of the guys who was dancing - I'd met him once or twice - he was a friend of Brad's sisters. And what I thought was, "Of course Soren's in a flash mob. He just would be. It isn't even that weird that he is here, having a flash mob where I happen to be sitting because, really, when you think about it, Seattle's kind of a small town sort of big city and I always run into people in places where they shouldn't be."

    So I turned to Alissa to tell her that I knew one of the guys in the flash mob and she pretended not to have heard me and I turned around saying, "I know that..." and stopped dead when I saw Brad, standing behind me, looking dapper in his suit and fedora.

    He sang the rest of the song to me, then got down on one knee and said, "Caitlyn, you are my favorite person in the world and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

  4. Caitlyn, your story brought tears to my eyes! SO SWEET!

  5. I got engaged on Thanksgiving Day last year. We went for a drive to the coast (southern Maine) and he got down on one knee in the sand to propose. We headed back to his family's house and the whole family congratulated us! It was really exciting!

  6. I had NO idea there was such a thing as an engagement season...

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  7. LOVE an engagement story, almost as much as a "how we met" story! - thanks for stopping by my blog, thought i'd swing by yours too! We got engaged during November, so bang into engagement season (which I had no idea existed either). My OH took me to Paris, first class on the Eurostar (we're Londoners), and when we arrived we were talking about all the famous beautiful hotels in Paris when we pulled up in front of the grandaddy of them all - the Georges V. My mouth dropped open, and I quickly reapplied my lipgloss before we got out. Somehow, even when we were shown into the honeymoon suite, I hand;t clicked - we had been together for 6 years at this point. I did ask, how come you're being so spoily, and he just said we'd both been working so hard lately, we deserved a treat... and I bought it! Doh!

    That night, we went to a lovely brasserie, where after a few glasses of wine, I started saying that we needed at some point to work out where we wanted to go with our relationship, totally unaware that the ring was in his pocket! He decided not to propose then, not thanks to my conversational skills, but because he didn't like the table we were at (very typical). The next day we went walking in the Marais neighbourhood, and he wanted to show me something in a square we'd been to lots before. Again, typically, despite having been there several times before, I had never noticed a secret passageway he led me through to a beautiful palm tree garden, and as we sat under a weeping willow, he said he was feeling nervous, and I wrapped my arm around his shoulders, said "why babe?" and then it all fell into place as he got down on one knee.

    It was the most beautiful autumn day in Paris, and we sat in the square afterwards at a restaurant, calling up family over a glass of champagne!

  8. An engagement season... awesome......Can publish the most beautiful wedding pictures here now.

  9. I am so happy I came across this post.

  10. We got up to the sun deck and settle on a bench, enjoying the beautiful outlooks of Mt. Rainier and the incandescence Puget Sound and I was disclosure Alissa approx how my grandmothers were pushing for news closely Brad and me and whether a coupling was forthcoming - and I just didn't know what he was presentation or how much longer it would be before he proposed and I was experimentation to be patient but it was so difficult - when singing started up seat me and I heard someone begin to sing "You Make Me Feel So Young."

  11. so sweet story ,thanks for your sharing.

  12. I love engagement season!It's so sweet!Thanks for sharing!

  13. Me too. Not only engagement stories make me happy but also a wedding proposal video.


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