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November 09, 2011

Just kidding... I lied!

So apparently, the midwife discussed with the supporting Dr. at a local hospital about my glucose tolerance scores... well, it seems that the Dr. wants to be safe, and since i'm borderline - to be safe would be to diagnose me as a gestational diabetic.

Am i sad? yes... I am. BUT, I was planning to buy a glucometer and keep things in check regardless - so now that i've been LABELED (which i hate) as a gestational diabetic and will of course have to disclose this in any future pregnancies, it isn't a bad thing per say.

Good news: The glucometer, test strips, lancets and all that fun stuff will be COVERED by my insurance. The test strips can get uber pricey, so this is actually great news.

Another good news: my diet will improve - no more white sugars, no more white carbs, no more simple carbs - focusing on protein and complex carbs, veggies and fruits. So, hopefully my weight want get out of control either. I'm at about 17-18lbs of weight gain, so not gaining too much more is a positive.

My motivation to keep my gestational diabetes in check:
  • To avoid having it post-natally 
  • To help our baby avoid facing type 2 Diabetes 
  • To avoid having a ginormous baby (ginormous as in unhealthily big)
wish me luck. I will stay positive throughout this and focus on the silver lining! :)


  1. I'm sorry that it turns out you have GD but it's definitely good to know so that you can keep it in check and stay healthy for you and the baby.

  2. I'm sorry it turned out this way, but like you said, there are definitely steps you can take to keep it under control. I'm thinking about you, girl!

  3. love to see your positive outlook on the whole ordeal! i hope it's going well and that you are able to manage your sugars! can't wait to see that little fry!


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