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November 30, 2011

Look How Baby is Growing!

Check me out... my bump is gettin' even bigger. :)

Although my weight gain has maintained (or some days i'm down) around the 15.5-18 lbs mark, my bump continues to grow. And since i was "pre-padded" (as a class mate said about herself one week), my weight gain can stay around 15-20 lbs and it be completely OK. So i'm happy about this as my goal was to stay within that range. The diet has assisted and the constant reminder that even the 30 minute walks I take make a big difference - so i try to do them daily.  And of course, I am constantly doing my stretches and floor exercises - taylor sitting, butterfly stretching, pelvic rocks, down dog... anything to get a good stretch of the hips, rib/ab area and pelvic area!

While i'm starting to get the slight pressure on my back and ribs, this is still such a glorious time for me and i wish it could go a little longer than 61 (+/-) days. I said to Husband yesterday "maybe i can just be pregnant non stop for the next few years" b/c it's been such an amazing experience. I love the constant feel of movement all day long... it entertains me through my work day and I love feeling the kicks, punches and jabs!!

Of course I was half joking! :)

Happy Wednesday Y'all.. hope its beautiful whereever you are!


  1. You look super cute Momma!!! Can't wait until baby Fry arrives!!!

  2. You look great! What a cute bump. I feel like mine is ginourmous compared to yours! haha.


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