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November 02, 2011

Picked our Doula

BirthCare requires that we have a birth assistant on hand. The husband was told by a co-worker, having a doula/birth assistant was the best money they invested in b/c it really reassured them and also allowed the husband to just focus on comforting the wife during their hospital birth. The Doula has more experience than the husband, so thus can suggest ideas to help ease the discomfort during the different phases of labor.

For different reasons, we believe this will be a good investment for us, but you can scour the internet with a google search to read the various reasons why others suggest it. For us, the one thing that I really liked was that she will (From Birthing Hands DC Website)
  • ""Labor sit" with you by telephone during early labor to offer reassurance, informational, emotional, and physical support. Provide guidance on the signs and symptoms of early labor and offer coping and comfort techniques. 
  • Remain with you throughout labor and delivery. Provide physical, informational, and nurturing support at the hospital or out-of hospital birth setting throughout labor and delivery by using various position changes, comfort and relaxation techniques, emotional support, information on the labor and delivery process, and provides understandable explanations of various medical techniques and procedures to facilitate discussion with your doctor/midwife and medical staff."
Since its important to time your visit to the hospital/center well, especially if its a hospital, I think the labor sitting with someone who is experienced, knowledgeable and informative is going to be invaluable for us newbies!

We interviewed one Doula. She was a referral and we immediately liked her fun and jazzy personality. She was well knowledged and has more than 6 years of experience as an assistant and attended more than 200 births - of all varieties. The referral helped us a lot b/c as first time parents to be, we really don't know what to look for, so we just wanted to make sure we got along and felt comfortable with her.

Claudia Booker is a our Doula/Birth Assistant and she is the owner and founder of Birthing Hands of DC.

Did you decide on getting a doula or birth assistant? What are the resources you are relying on to guide you through your experience? Any Classes?


  1. glad you were able to pick your doula and she immediately went with your personalities! it'll be good to have someone able to help be comforting while you're delivering :)

  2. We aren't doing a doula but I can definitely see the benefits to one. We just did the childbirth classes which helped and I'm just hoping my husband is able to help coach me through everything :)

  3. Glad you found someone you like and mesh well with!


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