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December 06, 2011

32 Week Appointment

The 32 Week appointment with the midwife went well. At this appointment, I met a different mid-wfe and we went over my glucose numbers. She looked it over and in the month that i've been logging my results, I've had 2 randomly weird high results 150+, a few that were over 120 but under 130, and the rest were below 120.  The normal person is under 120 and a diabetic would be under 130. The oddest thing was the 2 odd high results happened while i was taking my blood sugar at my Bradley class - go figure. But other than that, my scores have been "normal." The midwife said to me "these aren't 'OK' scores, these are GREAT scores!"

So Kudos to me (not literally, b/c Kudos would make my blood sugar soar) for keeping things in check.

We also discussed how I should pack my birth bag, since I won't be able to take fruit juices or normal foods due to the diabetes, I wasn't sure what to take. The paper work says don't skimp - no low sugar, no low carb - but for me that could be detrimental. So I think we decided V8/vegetable juice and other foods I'm normally eating now... and bland may be the best option since most women during labor don't want to eat.

We then checked for FryBean's positioning. Still head down, facing my right side and in GREAT position  :). During the appointment, there was a lot of movement going on - so when the midwife didn't find a heartbeat right away with the doppler, I wasn't too worried. The baby was kicking and punching me, so i just laid calmly until we found it. The midwife seemed worried that I would be worried, but I wasn't. The heartrate was in the 130's and of course was all over the place while she was trying to get a steady sound.

The fundal height of the baby is 32, which coincides with the 32nd week. And although i checked into this appointment with total weight gain at 15.6 lbs (which is slightly lower than it was last week), we aren't worried since I was pre-padded to being with and the baby is still growing!

Overall, my appointment was great. The midwife was thorough, answering all my questions. I left feeling good.

Although this past week has been emotionally difficult, I'm confident FryBean did not mind that we greived a little and paid a little less attention to him/her. I think s/he wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I know FryBean definitely understood your need to grieve, and I'm so glad that the baby is doing well!

  2. Glad to hear it went well! You're getting close!

  3. Thank you for your comment on my page. It makes me happy to know that there are women who still believe in a natural birth. I used the Bradley Method myself for my 3 children who are now...32..29..25...
    It's your baby you're giving birth too...listen to your body...follow your what's best for your baby....not what's best for the hospital/nurses/doctor.



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