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December 20, 2011

34th Week midwife appointment

The appointment with the midwife went well this week as we completed our 34th FULL week. I think i've met all but one who are part of the practice, which is great - so i will feel comfortable with whomever is on call when I go into labor.

We went over some information the back up OB gave me regarding my gestational diabetes. The midwife seemed happy with the OB's prognosis of how well I was doing with the GD.

We went over my illness. I caught something Thanksgiving Weekend, and it went from sniffles for 2 + weeks to a sore throat, to a sore throat with some funky phlegm, to now a dry throat, a small cough and a little bit of phlegm.

I'm taking some emergen-c (spaced out throughout the day so the sugar doesn't effect my GD) and a salt water gurgle and its getting better :)

We discussed my blood pressure, which was very high when i first arrived but was well within normal by the time the appointment ended.

We checked the baby's position - which is traverse - and listened to the baby's heartbeat. This was difficult to find (yet again) but no worries b/c all the while we are looking for it, the baby is frolicking inside the belly.

My fundal height measured 33cm. While it should measure 34cm, they said it should coincide with the weeks + or - 2cm, so she said i'm safe and its good i'm not measuring big.

My weight gain is still hovering around 15.5 lbs total weight gain, so it hasn't increased but the baby is growing (yay!) :)

Overall the appointment went really well. I love meeting with the midwives and being greeted personally by name when I walk in. It's such a lovely atmosphere, i really don't mind going at all. And because its so comfortable, the Husband has been off the hook to go with LOL. But starting in January, he's going to be coming to each appointment again, although I really feel so comfy with the midwives, I don't "need" him there.


  1. im having the same thing...with being sick...and now i have this dreaded cough..Robitussin helps periodically...emergen C too.. but it bites! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I'm glad things are still going so well and you like everyone in the practice. There are 3 OB's and a nurse practioner at my place and I like all of them. My favorite is the one on call for my induction (if I go that long) so hopefully he will be the one to deliver.


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