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December 29, 2011

A compliment & a slight?

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, the ladies at the front desk of the building were all standing about as I made my way through the lobby.

One lady stopped me and said "ohhhh congratulation! Do you know what you are having?"

I replied "actually we don't know yet!"

She smiled broadly and knowingly said "a Boy! You are most definitely having a boy!"

I smiled back and said "yea, most people are guessing boy!"

She quickly interjected "its because you are glowing...with boys you glow! If it was a girl, you'd be ugly bc girls make you ugly!" (This goes back to the wive's tale that daughters steal their mother's beauty in utero-which I know for a fact is untrue bc I have friends who were gorgeous w/their girls)

I just smiled and said "thank you!" (Bc I think it was a compliment)

She said "how exciting, I can't wait to see if the baby is a boy...when are you due?"

I replied "in about 4.5 weeks, end of January"

She quickly jumped in "um hmmmm...yup, you are about to pop! That baby is ready to come outta ya any day now! Um hmmm that baby is ready!"

I just smiled and laughed a little but thought...wait a second, am I really THAT big? Was I waddling through the lobby? What's she saying?

Up until that point, I've been feeling not too large but I guess maybe I am? Lol. I didn't take it negatively, just thought it was funny she complimented in one breath and then said something I could have taken negatively in the next...

Whaddya think? Am I ready to pop?


  1. Don't feel bad people were telling me that back in September when I still had 4 months to go. The joys of being petite I guess. I think you look right on track. Not sure why people say such stupid things. The other day in Starbucks a random guy asked me if I was having twins. Sigh.

  2. you SO don't look that big. you look the perfect size for the timeframe that you are at! some people just lack a little tact, that's all. you're adorable!

  3. You look awesome! And thank you for stating that not all girl babies make their mothers ugly. LOL


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