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December 28, 2011

Baby Led Weaning

I recently read this post on The Stir CafeMom: Your baby doesn't need Purees and was taken a back a bit. The post discusses Baby Led Weaning - or Baby led Solids, i.e., going from breast to actual solids instead of breast to purees to solids. This means, that you simply feed your child  (6+ months or older and after the tongue thrust reflex is gone) with bits of solids veggies and fruits. The idea is that " Babies are biologically ready to eat when they can pick up, chew, and swallow food all by themselves." (sourced from this post)

The post goes to discuss the history of how purees came about, i.e., a period of time there was a push for formula, however back then formula isn't what it is today, thus they realized babies need to supplement with vitamin rich food. However, b/c they still had a gag reflect, they pureed these foods so that they could supplement the formula (Read the post, she is much more eloquent that I am). Then with enough aggressive marketing and a passing of generations, purees were just considered the norm for babies 4-6 months or so. However, there is many reasons to avoid starting solids too early... 10 reasons to delay solids stated in this post with links to different studies. And what is considered the norm has changed.

Our plan is that I will exclusively breastfeed for a period of time. What that time frame is, I'm still unsure. I'm continuing to do my research on baby led weaning, which the more i learn about, the more i realize makes sense. Babies will eat solids when they can pick it up themselves and put it in their mouth, mush it around a bit and then swallow it. Makes sense, no? I mean what did they do 100's of years ago before the ninja or a food processor came about?

Have you looked into alternative feeding ideas? (things not considered the "norm" these days but may have been the "norm" back then). What's your plan and Why?

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  1. I plan to breast feed or at least pump and bottle feed using breast milk if for some reason the actual BFing doesn't work. I would like to try to do it for at least 6 months but I know every baby is different so we'll just roll with whatever happens. I've heard about the baby led weaning but haven't read about it too much, seems like something worth trying out so long as they don't have any swallowing issues.


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