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December 08, 2011

One big Regret

I had been harassing my Husband about the possibility of taking maternity photos. I figured it'd be a great time to document this phase in our life while we are still DINKs (Double Income No Kids) and living the life of a newlywed couple with their two dogs and a baby on the way. However, it was hard for me to find the type of session I wanted, the time frame for which I really wanted to take the photos (in my 8-9th month) would mean colder weather, and with the dogs - going outdoors would be difficult with the leashes, etc. Plenty of reasons to put it off or not to do it...

We played around with the idea, but ultimately it was my decision to just say "well let's get someone to take a family photo of us at Thanksgiving, and hopefully when my mom comes in January, we'll have her take a ton of photos with us and the pups at home". And so I let it go. And of course we failed to have any photo taken of us at Thanksgiving.

With Juneau's recent passing, this is my regret. That we don't have a recent family photo of the 4.5 of us all together. It would have been a wonderful memory and keepsake to show our child years down the road and it would have been a great reminder to us to always have that photo.

There's not a lot I can do about this regret now... but to remind myself of the resolution i made over 10  years ago to live my life with no regret. And in the simplest moment of having a photo taken (or not taken in our case), I have this regret that I need to let go of.
I'm Asian, and as the cliche goes, we take photos OF EVERYTHING. I've gotten lazy and have taken it for granted that at any time I can have photos taken. So I need to get back on track - b/c these are days that we will never get back and hopefully a long way into the future when our memory starts to fade, we will have photos to look back on.

To make myself feel a little better, I found a family photo that I'd like to share... we got mocked/teased for doing these glamour shots for the boys, but I really don't care b/c looking at this photo makes every joke disappear. We had taken photos with Houndstooth Photography and while it was a small splurge it was priceless!

 All my photos bring a smile back to my face. While my pups and Husband sometimes would tire of me constantly snapping away at them, I'm even happier now that i've done so - b/c i have so many fond memories captured and it was worth every whiny "I dont want to do this" moment to have the memories!!!


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get the family photo you wanted but at least you do have some pictures with you and your pups to show the baby one day. I've been a bit obnoxious about taking pictures during the pregnancy to document it all but I'm glad I did. I know once your little one comes you will be a picture taking machine!

  2. I love the family photos you had taken with the dogs, and can't believe anyone had the nerve to mock them! I'd love to get some great pictures taken of us with our kitties, and your post gives me the motivation to do it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. What pretty pups! I laughed out loud when I got to the "we're Asian...we take pictures of everything" part...hahaha! That doesn't explain why I walk around with a camera attached to my face ;) Pick your camera back up! You won't regret it.

    Oh, and I think you need a new tea pot too!

  4. You could always print a large picture of Juneau (think 11x14), frame it and hold it in a portrait with the 3.5 of you. It won't be the exact same but it might accomplish what you were going for without him actually being here.


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