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January 04, 2012

36 Week Appointment

Today marks 36 weeks and 2 days. As of this coming Monday, I will be considered full term at 37 FULL weeks completed. However, what I learned today at my midwife appointment was that should I go into labor before Friday, I would need to birth at a hospital, but as long as I go into labor after Friday, I could still deliver at the birth center.

The 36 week appointment is the appointment where they do a swab to check for Group B Strep. It is not a sexually transmitted disease and not harmful for the mothers, but can be very harmful for the baby. Should you be GBS positive, you are given antibiodics prior to birth (during labor) to prevent passing this on to your child.

Also for me, I had to do a blood draw for my hemoglobin A1C due to my gestational diabetes.

In addition to these two tests, we did an external exam for the baby's position as well as checking for the baby's heart rate. We could tell the baby was probably head down, or at least transverse. But we also did an internal exam today to confirm baby's position. While doing this, I asked if we could also check for cervical dilation and effacement.

So the midwife nicely did so... and it wasn't so bad. Very gentle. no pain. we confirmed that not only was nbaby head down, but baby was in 0 Position. In other words, the midwife could feel that the baby's head was engaged lowly in my pelvis. This could be because i have a short pelvis or it could be that the baby is just READY!!

Imagine my surprise when she also said that i was 90% EFFACED. We did not check for dilation as to avoid encouraging labor. But basically, from here til Friday - no more exercise, taking it very easy, no more raspberry leaf tea and no evening primrose oil.

In other words, this baby seems more ready than I am to enter this world... LAWD HELP ME!!!

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