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January 13, 2012

Annabelle's Birth Story {Post Partum Recovery}

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So before I was "released" from BirthCare Birth Center I needed to eat and drink something and pee. I had finished my huge smart water and eaten the deliciously carb filled meal of Baked Ziti my husband prepared. Needless to say i was not hungry or thirsty, but I did as i was told.

So at 7am ish, all that was left for me to do was to pee. How hard could that be considering i'd been a peeing maniac the past year. Easy Peasy, right?


Apparently, there is what I like to call muscle confusion in your lower areas. Not only that, but apparently I was VERY swollen down there. Luckily, I had a very minor tear... so minor I didn't get stitched. So in that sense, I was lucky. However, if we wanted to leave (especially for that District Traffic hit) I had to pee ... and for some reason I couldn't. So they tried to give me a catheter... TWICE! Now, folks after just giving birth, this is obviously not that huge of a deal but it was a pain different than the pressure of "pooping out a bowling ball"...

It was after the unsuccessful attempts at putting the catheter in that we just resorted to me sitting on an ice pack.

This did the trick and I was able to pee shortly after sitting on the ice.

All in all, due to this minor hiccup - we arrived home at 9am that morning due to some traffic we encountered along the way...

Here is our Annabelle on her first car ride home...


  1. I guess that's one thing that I lucked out on with the C-section, I was able to pee however it took me 4 days to poop and good lord was that hard to do when I finally did, it was like giving birth all over again. It's amazing what women go through after having a baby.

  2. Never even thought of these issues arising afterward. Good grief... I'm glad it worked out for you without a lot of complications.


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