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January 02, 2012

Baby Watch: 37 Weeks

Finished our 36th COMPLETE week and now we are onto 36 weeks and a day, i.e., our 37th week.  What does this mean? as of today we have 28 days left... HOLY CRAP!

This past week I gained like 2 pounds, still under the 18 pound mark of total weight gain, but 2 lbs, one week... WOAH. I guess Little Frybean is growing well. I measured my belly and it was 44.5 inches... i'm only 65 inches long, so that's like 2/3 my height!! LOL.

This week they said the baby is like the weight of a Crenshaw Melon (6 lbs)
Source: Baby Center

1 comment:

  1. how exciting that you just have a couple more weeks left! that's crazy about how big your belly is compared to your height. that's too cute!


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