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January 09, 2012

Baby Watch: Week 38

YAY! We have made it to a full 37 completed WEEKS! Big news b/c this means we are FULL TERM! The baby could come out, and its no problemo...

Of course we are hoping that the baby fully bakes or in our case "Fry-s"... brain development is still occurring until the 39th week so while it is safe for the baby to be born now, it is great if the baby stays put.

After the dramatic surprise of finding out I was already 90% effaced, I took it easy. No gym and just work and slowed down my pace when walking the pup or walking to work. We have made it!!!

My weight is back down under 17 lbs total weight gain instead of 18 pounds of weight gain probably due to the PMS aura i had all weekend, which ladies most of you know what that means (TMI: Loose BM's)... but Saturday afternoon I had some serious menstrual type cramps. I sucked it up and they eventually went away. Good thing b/c we had guests visiting this past weekend :)

Our goal is to get to the 39th FULL completed week... which is in 14 days. January 23rd... so wish us luck!

So as we enter into our 38th week... which is really 37 weeks and a day, and then 37 weeks and 2 days and so on, the baby is probably the length of Swiss Chard...
Source: Baby Center


  1. Wow, I can hardly believe you're already at full term! Time flies. I am so happy and excited for you to meet your little one very soon.

  2. You're soooo close! I can't wait to find out what the gender is. Enjoy these last few weeks!


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