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January 24, 2012

Newborn Hearing Screen Test

Today our precious Annabelle had her hearing screening test. Typically this is done at the hospital before you are discharged but because we had Annabelle outside of a hospital, we had to get the referral and schedule an appointment after our first pediatrician's appointment.

Due to the MLK holiday weekend, today on the 24th, was the earliest appointment.

We arrived early and were told if she was sleeping it would take about 10 minutes but if she was awake and fussy, it can take much longer. She slept the whole way there, while there, and on the way back... here's a photo :)

The people at Sibley were all VERY nice and the experience overall was great.

They tested her left ear first but the result kept coming back "REFER" which I think is a nice way of saying FAIL! We tried the right ear and within 30 seconds a bright green "PASS" filled the screen. So she said that Annabelle may have fluids in her ears, so that could explain why this very sensitive test wasn't picking "things" up. So she tried the ABR test which takes a little longer but still not invasive and test the nerves.

The nurse/Dr who performed the tests talked us through the tests, basically reassuring us that nothing was wrong. As the result were being put on the screen, she said "we are looking for anything over 3"... the number went up to 5. She said "wow a 5, this is definitely a pass." The number kept going up. She said "i haven't seen over a 9 in a while." The number landed at 11.93 (i think it was .93 lol).

Larry beamed with pride as if she passed some serious test with flying colors, which in essence she did, but its just a hearing screening test.

So all in all, if my little one tries to act like she can't hear me later in life, i will bring up how well she did on this test and demand that she has bionic hearing so she can't lie to me about not listening LOL

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  1. Glad that she passed! I was actually born at Sibley Hospital :)


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