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January 11, 2012

Weekly Midwife Appointment

Yesterday I went in for my weekly check up. The final stretch means once a week check ups until the little one arrives. Since we made it to 37 full completed weeks and 1 day, we were in the clear... however, we did want to keep the baby "Fry"ing inside for another 2-3 weeks.

The check up involved going over the GBS results from the swab taken last week. My results came out GBS Negative. So there is nothing further to do. If it did come out positive, we would just need to make sure i was given an antibiotic before I birthed to ensure I did not pass this on to the baby.

My hemoglobin a1c results came back 5.5% which did not change from the last test I took in early November. I am below the cut off, however, my back up OB wanted to double check the numbers. The odd thing is, since blood red cells lifespans are 90-120 days, it didn't really make sense to test before that time, as we're testing the same red blood cells... so when I found that out, I did not feel so bad that my last few months of dieting had made no changes to the a1c result.

Other updates from the check up... the baby's heartbeat is great, still in the lower 130-140's range. My Blood sugars (aside from one result) are all in range. My blood pressure is normal and good. My iron levels were good.

Fundal height measured at 36cm and weight dropped a little. So i'm still growing and still at about 17-18lbs total weight gain for the pregnancy. Baby is still head down and moving a bunch. Definitely a wiggler and a shaker.

Stay tuned... hopefully, another week of uneventful mild cramping will go by but FryBean will stay put! :)


  1. I can't believe how close you are getting. I'm so excited for you. I can't believe you've only gained around 18 pounds! Lucky girl. I gained around 35 but have already lost about 20. I suspect you'll lose almost all of it before you even leave the hospital!

  2. Glad you and Fry Bean are both doing well! Here's hoping he or she waits a couple more weeks to meet you in person!


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