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February 09, 2012

Adjusting to life with a newborn

When you are pregnant, people will often tell you "get as much sleep as you can" or "rest up while you can" or do this or that while you still can, as if stockpiling all this rest/sleep can be cashed in once your beautiful newborn arrives and you aren't getting consecutive hours of sleep. Well let me tell you folks, you can not cash those sleep/rest hours in, so i think that advice is kinda sucky. I think many people just say it to fill the gap... like its the thing to say. LOL.

Annabelle sleeps in 2.5-3.5 hr slots. This goes on a 24 hr basis. So during the night, I sleep when she does and I don't when she doesn't. During the day i try to catch a nap when she does, but i usually will be lucky if i get one nap in the day. Through her other naps, I work on getting household chores done. Now that i'm past my first three weeks, I'm doing more around the home although my mom is doing most of the cooking for me still (thankfully). Once she leaves, I'll add one more to-do which will be to make dinner during the night.

I'm not really sure how i'll adjust to life once my mom is gone. I figure it's gonna be a lot harder when its just me to watch Annabelle and she'll be sleeping less as time goes on. However, I'm hoping that once we can get into a schedule, things will be a little more fluid. I'm hoping to have some "me" time in the evenings when Larry gets home from work - I'll head to the gym and grab a shower after (luckily, the gym is in our building, so i'm only a call/text away and I can be home in 2 minutes).

Since we are still working on getting into a good routine with the nursing, I haven't bottle fed her yet. Once we get this nursing thing down pat (hopefully by week 6), I'll start pumping and introduce the bottle to her and Larry can start to feed her when i'm away during my "me" times. This will also give him some more hands on time while giving me a moment of sanity. We may try to introduce this earlier, as I do want to start going to the gym next week, but we are taking it one day at a time.

Soon, once the weather permits, I'll take Annabelle on Kota's evening walks so that Larry will have one less thing to do in the evenings when he returns from work and it will get Annabelle outside with some fresh air.

So, I'd like to think i'm adjusting but I know it will be a very harsh reality once my mom leaves me to do this on my own. It's a gradual adjustment, so if any of you moms have any advice for me, let me know now so i can start working on things while I have that support here!

How was it for you ? Adjusting to life with a newborn? All suggestions and advice are welcome! :)


  1. I agree about the silliness of saying rest while you can because once they are here all the sleep you had before means nothing. The lack of sleep has been the hardest part for us both. I have to go back to work next week so the routine we have now will basically go out the window once he's in daycare but hopefully we'll both adjust well.

    Hunter has been both bottle and breastfed from the beginning and it's been so helpful to have other people able to feed him besides me.

  2. taking in all this info!! its all so helpful!

  3. One thing I remember is that it got a LOT harder around 3 months when Claire hit some kind of phase and would scream all day but not sleep. I was at my wits' end bouncing, shushing, singing, whatever, while Matt was putting in the last tough few months of his residency (he would be gone for 13-14 hours a day 6 days in a row, then get a couple days off). But that, like everything else, was a phase. You hang in there, because you have to, and it gets better. Also, she would never take a bottle -- not once in her life -- so don't count on that. I do know people who found their baby would take a bottle from a babysitter, but not the parents, but I didn't get to test that out. But they are incredibly portable when they are babies. She nursed in Anthropologie, restaurants, Pottery Barn, wherever I wanted to go, because I couldn't leave her at home for more or less the first year of her life. We even went to a Flyers game when she was about 2 or 3 months old, and all my worrying about where I was going to nurse her was for nothing, because she slept every damn minute of the game, foghorns and all! So use your sling and get out of the house. Come visit me, if you like. I have a pack and play and Claire doesn't get sick, like, ever. So no worries about germs.

    Another thing I found was handy was co-sleeping. "They" suggest you keep her in your bedroom until she is 6 months old (as if you have anywhere else to put her in a one-bedroom), and I found it worked best to keep her in the bed with me. Don't put her in the middle of the bed, because Larry doesn't have the hormones to keep him semi-alert like you do. I kept her swaddled, on the outside of the bed, with me in the middle and Matt using whatever scrap of space was left for him on the other side. That way I could sleep on my side, on the edge of the pillow and blanket, and when she woke up and wanted to nurse she was right there and I didn't have to get out of bed. I slept with one arm tucked around her and it worked perfectly. I don't think she slept in our room when we moved here, which was about 7 months, and she wasn't nursing all night at that point anyway.

    Oh, and Peapod and Miracle Blankets. You need those things.


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