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February 27, 2012


My father finally got to meet his granddaughter. Turning 6 weeks old, Annabelle met her maternal grandfather that night and spent the weekend in his arms.

My dad wore the shirt we had given him to announce to our parents that we were pregnant all the way from CA. He said he bragged to the people next to him that he was going to meet his granddaughter for the first time. 
He was so super excited to meet her.

So you may be wondering what took him so long to come and see her? Well, we had booked flights for my parents based on the idea that Annabelle would probably come late (as most 1st time babies do) and that i'd go the full 39 weeks, if not 40 weeks. Alas, that probably jinxed us. So we had to scramble to find my mom a ticket so she could be here when we got home after the birth. My father is big on tradition, and Korean tradition says 21 days of post partum rest for the woman before visitors. This also included male family visitors, as female visitors were welcome b/c they helped with chores around the home.  So when my dad realized the rest of the family was visiting that same weekend of Annabelle's birth, he was quite jealous. We kept him happy with almost daily face time chats with Annabelle, but he was quite eager to meet this little girl in person.

The next day, my dad seemed tired. I told him i'd hold Annabelle or lay her down, and he said "I'm not tired. I'm ok".  A few minutes later, I looked over and saw this...

We tried to persuade my dad to go out for a walk. I mean he was all the way across the country but he kept saying it was too cold for Annabelle (which it was on Saturday), so he just held her all day. Aside from feeding her and changing her diaper, I hardly held her myself.

Later that afternoon, my dad was dozing off. I suggested he just lay down with her... this way he gets his nap, some quality time with the baby and doesn't have to let her go!

Here's an aerial view of them...

On Sunday, we finally persuaded him to take a short walk. I said he could "wear" her in the Bjorn carrier. He was very excited to do this... We took Kota too. At some point, I looked up and saw my parents OFF in the distance - not aware that i wasn't around ... Seems that when your daughter has your grand daughter, you don't care about your daughter anymore

This is a zoomed photo of them from A FAR!!! HA!

It was wonderful to see my dad so excited to see Annabelle. He couldn't get enough of her and we had to say "no daddy, not now. You can hold her in 5 minutes" so that she wouldn't spit up all over him - not that he would care.

This morning my dad left with my mom. She has been here since January 12. She spent the first 6 weeks of Annabelle's life with her in this tiny condo with the Hubs, Kota and myself. It wasn't easy. She and my husband probably were the most uncomfy while I was happy to have my two closest friends with me during this time. Space was limited, privacy was limited and taking care of me was probably super tiring - but my mom cooked me several home cooked meals a day and made sure I recovered! She took great care of Annabelle when I needed the help.

I won't lie... I cried a little when they left, but I know that they will be back in less than 8 weeks to see their precious grand daughter, so i'm ever so grateful (even more so now) to my parents! I can only strive to be the type of mother my mom is to me... at least i have a good role model to follow!

Happy Monday y'all... let's make it a great week!


  1. What cute pictures of Annabelle with her grandad! I'm sure you were sad to see your mom leave but you'll do great!

  2. How special that Annabelle got to bond with her grandfather and that your mom was able to spend so much time with you immediately after the birth. That's awesome!

  3. i teared up a little during this post. so glad to see all the love given to you and annabelle (and larry!) during this time. i'm so glad your mom was here to help you transition into being a mom yourself! nothing better than a mom.


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