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February 08, 2012

Post Partum Visits/Appointment

After Annabelle's birth, we had a couple post partum visits and then our post partum appointment at the birth center. 

Since we were able to go home within hours after Annabelle's arrival, the post partum visits take place in our home. The day after Annabelle's birth, we had our first pediatrician visit. The next day, which was a Sunday, Laura - the midwife who "caught" Annabelle stopped by our home. She did some general check ups - temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure for me and checking temperature and color on the baby - as well as she checked my goods down there to see how i was healing. She also checked my tummy to make sure my uterus was going back into place. We also talked about how i was feeling emotionally and if i was able to digest all that had happened and how I felt about the birth (if i was even ready to think about that).

The visit overall was similar to any other appointment, very gentle and tender. Laura guided me to think about our experience but was to quick to give me an out, in case I was overwhelmed in any way. I really appreciated how considerate and respectful they were to me as a new mother, a woman and lastly a patient. I also like how they would always ask "dad" how he was doing.

Since we had yet another pediatrician visit on Monday, Claudia decided to come on Tuesday for her post partum visit. Like Laura's visit, we did the standard stuff and then just talked about how we were doing.

Both women were very awesome about giving suggestions and advice, whether it was about breastfeeding or just post partum rest.

Today I had my Post Partum appointment. Typically held at 2 weeks, i had to cancel and was only able to go today. I had my appointment with Laura and we went over some basic stuff. She was really interested about any questions or concerns I had and my recovery both physically and emotionally. She went over my vitals, checked my abdomen muscles to see that they were back in place and also my goods down there. I always appreciate how when it comes to MY nether regions, she tells me what she's going to do before she does it and explains everything she is doing. Makes what can be awkward and uncomfortable, a little less so.

Everything came out ok. My flora is still balancing itself out, but 3.5 weeks out and my vitals are all good, i'm down 2.5 lbs from where I started pre-pregnancy, my ab muscles are back in place, and starting next week i may try to take some "me time" and hit the gym.

I have another post partum visit about a month from now, and at that visit I'll have to think more carefully about family planing and any questions I may have about that.

Post partum care is pretty important. A healthy mom can only benefit a healthy baby, so its good to get attention for the moms as well as the babies. How was your post-partum visits/appointments? Did they help your recovery? Any advice for new mom's like me in this post partum recovery period?


  1. I had my first post partum visit about a week after I got out of the hospital so that the doc could check my incision/weight/BP etc. I actually have my 6 week checkup tomorrow and hopefully I get cleared for exercise and other "stuff" :)

  2. i really like that they kept checking on how you were feeling like mentally and physically. it seems like they were really caring and genuinely want to make sure you're doing well (unlike a doctor might).


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