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April 12, 2012

Baby Zantac, GER, & Our Annabelle

So I have to admit the liquid zantac is working. The change in Annabelle was drastic. Her evenings became giggly and happy and when she did fuss or cry it was for a reason we could understand - hunger or sleepiness. Even a wet diaper couldn't cramp her mood.

The first week was hard though. We were giving her 1.2ml in a syringe and it would be hit or miss if she'd take it without a fight. 1 out of 3 times she was crying so much afterwards that I was in tears too. I figured what is the point of this medicine to make her feel better if she cries just from taking it too. But we kept on giving it to her b/c there was a change.  It got so bad that I was ready to give up on the medicine. I contemplated ingesting enough myself so she'd get it, but my husband said that wouldn't work well.

Finally we tried mixing it with my expressed milk in a bottle. She was ok with this but only finish the bottle if she was hungry. This became a problem b/c on Monday night she fell asleep before finishing her bottle at 930 pm. I was hoping she'd reawake but she didn't do so until 330am. She finished the bottle then but did this again at lunch time, missing her dose. By the time mid-afternoon hit, she was screaming and crying - the painful cry. And I knew this wasn't gonna work.

We finally tried the dropper instead of the syringe to give it to her and so far that seems to be working and she's back to her happy self within 24 hrs or so. (knock on wood)

The first day she seemed gassier. And I mean she would burp a lot more with the medicine and fart too (non productive farts - not sharts!). I took this as a good sign that she was expelling gas instead of holding it in. We kept giving her the simethicone to ensure she had less problems passing these gas bubbles.

And of course she got diarrhea from the medicine but she is going regularly several times a day without a struggle, so even with the diarrhea, she is not struggling.

She still frequently gets the hiccups 1-4x a day as before, but she seems happier.

Our little Annabelle from Month 1 was back. No witching hour, just smiles and curiosity in her eyes looking around.

Oh and did I mention she sleeps a whole lot better. We are getting 4-6 hr stretches in any given night most of the nights now.

So while the thought of giving our daughter this medicine makes me feel so awful and guilty, I see the difference in her laughter and smiles. The fact is she is happier and less bothered by the maturation process of her immature digestive system. I know all babies go through this and outgrow it and it saddens me that it hurts Annabelle much more than other babies experience, but b/c i see the medicine working (and what missing a dose could do)... I am happily giving this to her and pushing the mommy guilt aside.

So that's our update with her Baby GER and Zantac. Happy Thursday Y'all!

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