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April 04, 2012

Happy Birthday Kota!!!

Today is Kota's 8th Birthday!

My happy puppy... I still remember when you were just a baby! Only two months old when I adopted you!

And now you are all grown up...I know you miss your big brother a lot... we all miss him greatly!

But now you have a little sister whom I know you love already!

and although she cries a lot, you are still being an excellent big brother.

You have been adjusting well to the major changes in the past 4 months and through it all we hope you know that one thing that hasn't changed is how much we adore you!

Happy Birthday Kota!!!


  1. Oh my God those puppy pictures are SOOO cute! Happy Birthday Kota!! Our dog LOVES Hunter. Yesterday when he was on the floor crying she ran over with one of her toys and dropped it next to him trying to cheer him up! haha

  2. Happy birthday to Kota! It looks like he's definitely being an attentive and supportive big brother. I wonder how our kitties will react to a baby someday...


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