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June 12, 2012

Annabelle's 1st visit to the Chiropractor

After a few hard nights last week, the Hubby and I contemplated changing Annabelle's medication. Things were getting tense in our home as Annabelle has regressed in sleep and we couldn't figure out what it was. Was it her reflux? Was it her teething? Was this normal? All the questions us first time parents ask ourselves.  During this time, I, of course researched the internet. Amidst my research, I was advised that a chiropractor could help.

I reached out to a list serve I am part of and found a great recommendation. Dr. Anthony Noya in Tenleytown came highly recommended by several people off this list serve, my doula, and my friend/yoga instructor who was a completely independent recommendation. So Annabelle and I made our way there to meet him.

Dr. Noya is also a BirthCare dad - 3 home births. He was very knowledgeable and very interested in all things Annabelle. He told us that our bodies are meant to heal themselves naturally. Sometimes however, as the brain tries to communicate with our spinal cord, if our spine is out of whack, it can make the nerves send out the wrong messages. So his hope is to fix the alignment, which in turn should help to alleviate any side issues this mis-alignment may have caused.

We have a series of visits ahead of us but he was very pleased with Annabelle's progress prior to our visit. He said many reflux babies are so skinny b/c they don't want to eat b/c of the pain. So he was happy that Annabelle was "thriving" and "so healthy".

While our insurance won't cover this out of pocket expense until we hit our deductible, we are confident that Annabelle is in great hands with Dr. Noya and highly recommend him. We hope to see some changes in the next few weeks as he gets her aligned :)

I am hoping not only does her reflux clear but that her constantly turning her head over her right shoulder will balance out a bit as well.

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