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August 01, 2012

BLW Food List

via Compelling Crunchy
Peaches – if soft, raw is fine, otherwise lightly steam
Nectarines – if soft, raw is fine, otherwise lightly steam
Plums – if soft, raw is fine, otherwise lightly steam
Strawberries – after six months, if no allergies in the family.
Apples – great for teething gums, but do be wary as it is a hard fruit and can be a chocking hazard. Otherwise bake and cut into chunks. With cinnamon. Yum.
Blueberries – cut in half to ensure they aren’t swallowed whole (for smaller babies)
Grapes – great for gumming, but keep an eye on younger babies. Peel if you desire, as the skin can get stuck on the throat, which is quite uncomfortable. Peeled and frozen and halved is also heavenly for sore gums.

Carrots – great for teething, but same criteria as apples. Lightly steamed is preferable.
Broccolli – lightly steam or roast
Cauliflower -lightly steam or roast
Butternut Squash – roast or boil
Sweet potato – roast or boil – cut into thin fry like pieces for easy holding. Don’t deep fry though.
Potato – roast or boil- cut into thin fry like pieces for easy holding. Don’t deep fry though.
Courgette/baby marrow/zucchini – steamed or roasted or lightly fried or grilled
Aubergine/eggplant – good for cutting into squares, roast, steam or grill – taste it to make sure it’s not too bitter.
Cucumber – raw
Asparagus – be aware that it can be stringy and be both in the stomach and the mouth at the same time! Cut into bite-sized bits.

Rice – great for motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination!
We also choose Plum baby snacks, especially those that use spelt instead of white flour.

Great snacks to have on hand:
Pasta – try gluten free if under one
Cubes of cheese – no molded or goats or sheeps milk under one
Fish or meat – well cooked. Although some babies eat raw salmon (sashimi) after 12 months
Hard boiled egg – assuming no allergies
Home-made low sugar seed and nut bars – assuming no allergies

We use loads of herbs and spices in our food.
Cinnamon – supports the digestive system, but delay introduction if there are food allergies in your family. Also a great source of iron – so no need to worry if baby is otherwise breastfed.
Turmeric – great for adding flavour to food and also a powerful anti-oxidant
Cumin – supports digestion
Coriander – again good for iron among other things and great with chicken dishes
Nutmeg – also good with chicken, soothes the tummy
Ginger – also good for upset tummies (hello, morning sickness!) . It also eliminates gas from the intestines, and is an all-round good food.
Garlic – adds masses of flavour, an anti-oxidant and apparently improves breastfeeding if mama eats garlic.

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