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January 24, 2013

1st year check up

Today, we had Annabelle's first year check up. Everything went smoothly and despite the frigid temperatures, our new pattern of metro and bussing to her appointments is working out much better than driving the 8 miles to get there.  However, the frigid cold did make me question if we need to find a pediatrician closer. But i do like our pediatrician and appreciate her insight as a doctor and as a mother.

Nothing about the appointment is pleasant for Annabelle. With her new mobility is her decreased desire to be laid down and she hates being restrained in any manner. Seeing as the doctor has to check her throat, mouth, ears, and etc  - it is a little bit of a fight.

First thing first, stripping her down to get her measurements. She immediately started crying when I tried to lay her down to get measured. Which in turn made her angry to be seated on the weight scale.  I had to hold her the whole time while i was undressing her and putting her clothes back on.

Having her actually checked by the doctor wasn't pleasant either, so imagine how the shots went. But this time her cries were definitely out of anger and frustration and less from the pain. She was pissed that the nurse hurt her and restrained her. So much so, that as the nurse was leaving the room, I swear Annabelle was trying to swat her with her hand!!! 

Annabelle is "average" when it comes to most everything. The nurse/doctor would ask if she does this or that and pretty much the answer was "yes". Average in this sense just means she is doing what most typical 12 month old babies are doing - pointing their index finger, babbling, trying to walk, understanding basic things, eating like a big girl, and interacting as most 12 month olds do.  My parents keep calling her "genius" and I have to remind them that their bragging about her ability to do X, Y, or Z is really her just being "average" (in the best sense of the word). It's sweet and cute how much they praise her and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Her basic words are "Da" "ta" "dohg" "ko" but she doesn't do a lot of "ma" or "umma" which would be for me... however, she does say "ko" for Kota and if i say "is that KO??" she says "TA"... its very cute.

so here are her stats from her one year check up... 24lbs and 3.2 oz in weight (90th %ile). Her height is 31.5 inch (97%ile) and her head size is 17.75 (50%ile)... so she has maintained her pattern of growth since month 1 and has flip flopped a little with height and weight (weight was 95%ile before and now 90%ile and vice versa with height).

Our little girl is 1 year old and almost half my height!!! OH BOY!

Here's a short clip of her new fun activity... She loves to circle her new chair.


  1. haha Hunter is shorter and fatter than Annabelle. Also, he always cries around the doctor who is very sweet and does nothing to hurt him but has no problem with the nurses even though they are the ones giving him the shots. He just loves the ladies I guess.

  2. Just baby sat my friend's children the past week and somehow I understand what you had been through with the check up. As their mobility increases, they also do not like to be restrained in any manner. :)


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