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July 10, 2013

{Sponsored Post} Uncommon Goods: Wedding Gifts

I was recently asked to do a product review from an online store that I simply love - Uncommon Goods.

I often get their catelogue and spend days perusing through all the unique and personalized items that they offer. From Custom state pillows, unique furniture like a Skateboard Stool to even personalized jewelry like a Gold Astrology necklace and Custom baby hand print necklace, the site has so many fun items that even just window shopping is fun.  So imagine my surprise and delight that Uncommon Goods now features a Wedding Gifts section.  

I was asked to pick an item that I would like to review and to be honest, this was not an easy task. There were many different products that I really thought was very cool.  Some of the contenders were:

Personalized tree trunk glassware duo

Wedding waltz personalized art

It all began couple map and monogram set 

Custom Family pillow
But the item we went with to review was ...

I had a very hard time capturing a good image of wall art, but we love it.  From california (OC) to New Jersey (Central) - including our names and our wedding date. Such a cute little touch to add to our collection of wedding wall art and I can't wait to put it up next to our wedding painting :)

The item itself is very well built, a beautiful solid frame and a solid piece of glass. Everything about the item is quality.

I'm not sure if you have ever visited the site yet, but I definitely recommend perusing Uncommon Goods. It's such a fun site with so many different interesting items - things you wont really find anywhere else.


  1. I am loving the wedding goods and invitations! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love the personalised art, like the monogram and the couples map. I also love the framed art with the couple, I feel it would have been a nice wedding invitation design too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. like the monogram and the couples map

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  6. What a great post.The pillows are really awesome.

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  8. I actually considered making something similar like this for two of our friends getting married, but I got sick and couldn't :(

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