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October 24, 2013

MCM10K-Marine Corp Marathon 10k

Today I ran my 3rd race, the 10k for the Marine Corp Marathon. It was a first time running this race and I had a lot of fun. After running the army ten miler last week, I didn't train for the 10k... I figured if I could do the 10miles, I should be able to do the 6.2miles but by Friday I felt nervous so squeeze in a four mile run to put my mind at ease! 

Because the start for the 10k was right on the National Mall, I was able to walk out my door about 7:40am. Race started at 7:55am! 

Here I am with Annabelle before I walked out the door!

As I walked down to our lobby, I realized I should snap a photo of me bc I didn't really get a good photo of me last week! 

Here I am in my running attire. Colts hat. Black pants. Black long sleeve with a tank top and two sports bras underneath. 

I headed out the door and it was a little chilly but I instantly knew I may get a little warm during the race! 

Here's a picture of the Capitol as I walked down 12th street towards the start! 

Once I got down there, things started fairly quickly. I got in line with this group for my goal time of 11minute mile- so about 68 minutes.
 I wasn't setting unachievable goals for my first 10k, despite an awesome race the week before-My PR for the 10-miler was 10:05min/mile. Exceptionally good for me so I didn't want that to be the bar. But I would be lying if I didn't say that it kinda was the bar in the back of my mind! 

The race itself was nice. Less crowded than the ten-miler, easier to navigate, and a little familiar as we went over 395 northbound hOv lanes into crystal city. I tried to keep my eye on my pace but not stress myself out. I feared I started too quickly and was gonna get overtired so I tried to really think more about my breathe and fun, than PR! I took the downhills faster and reminded myself to shake out my arms and I tried to take the uphill in stride without slowing down but in fact picking up my pace. 

The final hill was the worst! 6 miles down, you know the end is near and it's a nice decently steep hill. But can't be that long right? Hard part was every one was slowin down, so I picked up my pace to get around them - which was hard. And I just kept thinking - FINISH STRONG!!! 

And I DID! The clock 01:04:00 ish, so I know I surpassed my goal of an 11min/mile and checked my watch-it said 01:00:13!!! Total PR!!!

Here I am after crossing the finish line! 

Here I am in front of Iwo Jima with my medal!!!
Here I am with the Nike+app feature that puts the map on the bottom left corner!

A photo f my bib and medal!!!
A screenshot of my official time! It was a personal record and all time personal best time for me! 09:40/mile... I never can do that and I did it today!!! My watch wasn't too off either 01:00:08! I completed the 10k strong! #oohrah !!!

After I got home, the husband had blueberry pancakes, eggs and bacon waiting. Scarfing down the food, I then showered and got ready to see If Annabelle and I could spectate for the marathoners. Seeing spectators and hearing them cheer you on is such a great feeling! I knew it would mean a lot to my friend who was running if I could cheer her on! She's been a big supporter of my running endeavors, so I wanted to support her too! 

Here is Annabelle around mile marker 18.5...

Fearing we may have missed her, we scurried across the mall and parked ourselves near the Carousel (bad idea bc Annabelle loves that thing) around mile 19.5 and waited. Annabelle was screaming "goooooo" to the runners as we clapped and cheered them on!  The live tracking system worked this time around and I knew she was close...

I spotted her easily by her hat! 
She fist bumped Annabelle! While we screamed and cheered her on!!! I was so glad we were able to catch a glimpse of her!!! Annabelle loved seeing so many runners going by!!! 

And of course, bc Annabelle was so patient she got to ride the Carousel!!!! TWICE!!!

What a fun day and It isn't even nearly over yet! 

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