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Relentless Bride & Fry, the Baby Policies

Relentless Bride® is a federally registered trademark with all benefits and rights reserved.

The Relentless Bride® and Fry, The Baby Blogs are using all images on this site that is copyright to their author but used here under the Fair Use Doctrine of US Copyright Law. If you are the owner of any image here and it is not sourced properly, please let me know so i can correct that mistake. I do my best to source all images properly. Also, if any image is yours and you would like me to take it down, I am happy to do so - please email me!

Part of the purpose I blog is to receive feedback, comments, thoughts, insights and ideas... I really appreciate when my readers share their thoughts with me. However, although I do not moderate prior to publishing, if there are any comments that I may feel are hurtful, rude, inappropriate, SPAM comments (including promotion of products unrelated to the blog and/or blog post), in any way offensive, or i just do not approve of... I have the right to delete such comments. Please note that by commenting you are authorizing that the comments are subject to approval by the Relentless Bride® and Fry, The Baby (respectively).

Effective 12/01/2009:

Posts with "Sponsors" labels deal with companies or persons who pay to be a Relentless Bride or Fry, The Baby Sponsor. Sponsor payment is in forms of cash, bartering goods, and discounts for future services/goods to be used by the Relentless Bride or Fry, the Baby. 

Posts with "Product Review" labels are posts written about product/s in which samples have been sent to the Relentless Bride®  or Fry, the Baby Blog for review.

Tweets from the Relentless Bride Twitter page will also denote any sponsor-related materials with an "*S".

Tweets from the Fry, The Baby Twitter page will denote any sponsor-related materials with an "*S".
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